Rider Frequently Asked Question

There are many questions being asked by motorcyclists, however the prominent among them are about riding.

What are the essentials I need to join a ride?

There are many things and some of them we are very particular about.

  1. Always wear a helmet. And not just about any helmet, a good quality, full face one. Half face helmets sound and look tempting, but they do not offer any protection for your chin and nose. Helmets are designed to minimalize the impact in case of an unfortunate event, and not ‘protect your head’ as is generally believed. At THT, Helmets are compulsory – but none of us can be a judge to quality of helmet you use. Himalayan is an off-road capable bike, and if you intend to off-road, you can buy off-road helmets, which are designed specifically with off-roading scenarios in mind.
  2. Get yourself comfortable but safety oriented jacket and pants. Good quality ones are very expensive and not everyone can afford it. But if you bought that latest iPhone, then you could have spent that same money to get yourself great jacket and pants that will minimalize impact and injuries to your body.
  3. Riding shoes is another important safety aspect which is easily overlooked. We recommend you get proper riding shoes that will help you ride much safer.
  4. Knee and Elbow guards are a necessity, off-road or not. They help minimalize impact and bruises to your knee and elbow.
  5. Always carry additional water. When finished, replenish it at next possible stop. Do not ride for long distances in one go – take a break after every 100 kilometers.
  6. Carry your License, vehicle papers, insurance and other documentation that is required by law in the land you are riding. Also carry your Medical Insurance numbers at all times (if you do not have one, please do get one).
  7. Ensure you have emergency contact details and blood group provided to someone who rides along or have a sticker/badge on your bike or luggage with the contact numbers.
  8. Own a RE Himalayan. Else you cannot join our Rides!